Walk your Baltic Way

April 22 — August 23

Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Baltic Way together! Walk15 and ERGO invites you to join a walking challenge - let’s come together and walk as many Baltic Ways as possible. Cover 650 km personally to receive a special diploma.

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About project

Walk your Baltic Way and receive a special diploma 🇱🇹🇱🇻🇪🇪

In 2024, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Baltic Way. This initiative, which has attracted the attention of the whole world, holds a special place in all of our hearts, so Walk15 and ERGO invite you to celebrate it meaningfully. Join the Walking Baltic Way Challenge, let’s stay united, and walk as many Baltic Ways as possible.

Let’s celebrate the Baltic Way together!

The personal goal for each of us is to cover 650 km during the challenge period and thus walk our own Baltic Way.

Those who complete this distance will receive virtual challenge diplomas.
The step challenge continues until Baltic Way Remembrance Day - August 23 at 23:59.

Invite family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

Let’s celebrate the 35th birthday of the Baltic Way together!

Join the challenge!